10 Major Crimes Committed In Nigeria

Commonest crimes committed in Nigeria

The term crime denotes an unlawful act punishable by law in a state.

Nigeria is home to a substantial network of organized crime such as robbery, highway crime, rape and assault and act of terrorism.

Here are few major crimes committed by Nigerians

Oil Pipelines in the Niger Delta

1. Economic Crime is an act of sabotage that affects the economy of a state or nation. For example, pipeline vandalism, illegal oil bunkering, tax evasion, etc.

Crime . cheque forgery or financial crime

2. Financial Crime A financial crime is an act that involves the illegal use of cash or financial instruments such as cheques, drafts, money orders, etc. For example, bank fraud, issuance of dud cheques, etc.

Crime . fraud

3. (419) Advance Fee Fraud is a kind of scam in which a fraudster through false pretense/deceitful information hoodwinks a person to make some upfront payment on a proposed business deal, romance, marriage, contract , etc.

4. Money Laundering is a process whereby ill-gotten wealth is transformed so that it appears legitimate.

Crime . Terrorism

5 Terrorism: Terrorism is an act of violence and/or threats to intimidate another, to attain goals that are political, ideological or religious in nature. such include Fulani herdsmen attack, Boko Haram insurgents and so on…

Crime . cyber crime

6. Cyber Crime – YAHOO Yahoo – is the use of a computer or other electronic device to perpetrate criminal acts. Cyber cafes have to register with the EFCC so that the commission can monitor their operations and enforce operating standards that eliminate internet crimes.

Crime 2

7. Rape – Rape is forcefully having sex with someone against her wish or will, especially using violence. Over 90% of predatory sex is perpetrated by males against females. To some extent, rape reflects the ambivalence, moral decadence, ethical bankruptcy, materialism, corrupt soul, widespread promiscuity and hypocrisy that have characterized Nigerians over the years.

Crime . police brutality

8. Police Brutality and Hostility – The egregious brutality and hostility of the police force in Nigeria brings into question the need for survival tactics in a no man’s jungle called Nigeria. The populace have no known defence against police brutality. Police kill innocent citizens and put tags of armed robbers to cover themselves. Innocent Nigerians have paid the price for crimes they never committed.

9. Bribery and Corruption – Bribery is a specific offence which concerns the practice of offering something, usually money, to gain an illicit advantage and corruption is an abuse of a position of trust in order to gain an undue advantage.


10. High way robbery – One-chance – Highway Robbery and gruesome ambush where travelers are robbed of their belongings on the various highways in Nigeria.





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